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26 February 2011


In June 2008 the local newspaper disclosed the project of a landfill site located at Fry, 4 km north of Guémené-Penfao and the purchase of 65 hectares by GDE (Guy Dauphin Environnement).

The land was bought on 27 June 2008, at 10700 €/ha, i.e. 7 times the market price for farm land.


GDE bought land in several places in France:



PLOURAY (Morbihan)

GUEMENE-PENFAO (Loire-Atlantique)


GDE has applied at the local Préfectures for Autorisation d'Exploiter for their first 3 projects:

  • The Alsace Préfet refused authorisation in NAMBSHEIM.
  • The Orne Préfet refused authorisation in NONANT-LE-PIN in January 2010
    • GDE appealed at theCaen Administrative Court. The Court cancelled the Préfet's refusal on 18 Feb. 2011, and in doing so gave authorisation to GDE to start it project in Nonant-le-Pin.
    • The Préfet will appeal to that Court decision.
  • GDE has applied for Autorisation d'Exploiter at the Morbihan Préfecture:
    •  A Public enquiry was held from mid-November to 30 Dec. 2010
    • The Public Enquiry conclusion was handed over to the Préfet on 15 Feb. 2011 as a proposal to refuse authorisation (Avis défavorable)
  • GDE has not applied yet for Autorisation d'Exploiter at the Loire-Atlantique Préfecture

ARDIMEA's opinion is that a strong opposition must be shown BEFORE GDE applies at the Loire-Atlantique Préfecture

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