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For your full information, here is a translation of the petition text:



To the attention of the Préfet of the Loire-Atlantique


Monsieur le Préfet,


In June 2008, the Company GDE bought 65 hectares of farm land at FRY (44290 Guémené-Penfao) in order to set up a Landfill Site for Shredded Car Residues.

Together with ARDIMEA, and before GDE applies for Authorisation to run such a site, we beg you to refuse this authorisation when they apply for it:

1.      GDE industrial practice (car shredding) on its existing sites show that this company doesn't comply with the laws and rules (noise, dirt, explosions, lack fo cleaning up the cars before shredding, rate of recycling and of use of energetic value, ….)

Claude DAUPHIN, its main shareholder, is also main shareholder of TRAFIGURA, a London based company, who caused in 2006 17 fatalities and thousands of people intoxicated in the PROBO KOALA scandal (toxic waste disposed in several Abidjan municipal dump sites)

2.      If disposal of our old cars needs to go through some landfill, it is vital that the amount of residues should be minimised as far as possible by adequate treatments: cleaning up, dismantling process, recycling of components and material, use of the residual energetic value,…

3.      The choice of a landfill site should not be left to a private company, but made by the elected representatives of the population[1],

4.      Before granting authorisation to a private company, the Government should make sure that all the company's processes do comply with the laws and rules,

5.      We require that Fry, the land bought by GDE should be owned again by farmers.

6.      We ask for a modification of Article L 143-4 of the Code Rural which under its alinea 5a, says that "any industrial company can buy any farm land for any type of project"[2].


Yours faithfully

[1] In France the "Conseil Régionaux" are in charge of supervising the various waste treatments

[2] Article L 143-4 5°, a) states that if an industrial company buys farm land for setting up an industrial project, the SAFER is not allowed to preempt and buy that land.

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