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Industrial waste

The Mayor call for mobilization

"We must remain mobilized against the Waste Landfill in Guémené-Penfao"

It is the instruction that Massérac Town Council gave in a unanimous vote at the last town council meeting on February 12, says the Mayor Fabrice SANCHEZ in this press release.

"Indeed the Town Council had already voted unanimously against the project on 10 July 2008 in order to have the same level of information as the Guémené-Penfao councillors could have.. In fact, both the population and the councillors are entitled to get full information on the project located very close to Massérac at Fry in Guémené-Penfao, and this for two main reasons:

On one hand, one fears the toxicity of shredded car residues near Massérac, on a natural site that must be protected because of the water table feeding water to 9000 people of eight different communes and the area being registered "Natura 2000" with habitats to be preserved.


On the other hand, if the project was to be activated, the communal roads would be used by hundreds of heavy transport every day. And our Town doesn't want and can't afford the heavy financial cost of their reinforcement.

Association ARDIMEA has been doing the best they could for 2 years in order to inform the population about this dangerous project of waste landfill. They are doing a very good job and we must credit them for that.

Some think the problem is over. Or they do hope that the project will not surface. You should get worried: it is not true.

In fact, whatever the position of the Guémené-Penfao municipality is, and the provisions of the Guémené-Penfao Town Planning Charter (PLU) are, the interests of this project are much above the Commune. The town will have no power against a decree signed by the Préfet.

And if the Préfet signed a refusal decree, the company has the power to get annulment of the decree.

This is what happened at Nonant-le-Pin in Normandy, after five years of local mobilisation against the same project.

The determination taken by the Caen Administrative Court on 18 February 2011 concerning a project of Waste Treatment Centre at Nonant-le-Pin is favourable to GDE (the same company with the same project as in Guémené-Penfao).

GDE had referred to the Court after the Préfet had signed a decree refusing authorisation for the project in January 2010. This time, the Court gives instruction the Préfet to sign a decree approving the project.




The Orne Préfet said the file will be studied again, and even if he does not exclude to appeal at the Nantes Administrative Court, we see that things are not that simple.

We all (elected people, associations, medias, population) must stand mobilised against the Fry project, whatever our own political preferences are. GDE must be aware that Guémené-Penfao and all the surrounding communes stand together against its project.


Fabrice SANCHEZ,

Mayor of Massérac

Président of Guémené-Penfao Potable Water Supply Union

110316 InfosRedon Masserac

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